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Wu Guanghui, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, appointed as a distinguished professor of Taiyuan University of Technology

Release time:Aug 12, 2020

On the morning of August 12th, TYUT held an appointment ceremony in the 2/F conference room of the administrative building, Mingxiang campus, and appointed Wu Guanghui, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, as a distinguished professor of TYUT. Zheng Qiang, the secretary of the CPC Taiyuan University of Technology Committee, Huang Qingxue, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of TYUT, Liu Runxiang, the deputy secretary of the CPC Taiyuan University of Technology committee, Lv Yongkang, the vice president of TYUT, and Zhang Chi, the chief of pre-research project of Beijing Research Center of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China,Ltd were present. The heads of relevant departments (units) and related personnel of the university attended the appointment ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Liu Runxiang.

At the appointment ceremony, Lu Yongkang introduced the personal profile and academic achievements of Academician Wu Guanghui.

On behalf of TYUT, Huang Qingxue issued a letter of appointment to Academician Wu Guanghui as a "Distinguished Professor" and wore a school badge for Academician Wu Guanghui.

Academician Wu Guanghui delivered a passionate speech, expressing his gratitude for being appointed as the distinguished professor of TYUT. He pointed out that he was delighted and full of expectations for TYUT's development in the aerospace field in recent years. Besides, during the process of establishing a cooperative relationship with Taiyuan University of Technology, he deeply feels that the Shanxi provincial government attaches great importance to the GA (general aviation) industry. He also realizes that the relevant leaders and teachers of TYUT always follow the work style of being realistic and practical, and he is willing to give full play to his energy and expertise. It is the key time when Shanxi province has made full effort to build a model of general aviation industry development, and he will seize the precious opportunity to help TYUT build the college of aerospace and research institutes, effectively carry out key research on general aviation technology, research and develop major projects, cultivate more high-end aviation technical talents, actively cooperate with general aviation relevant enterprises, and integrate various advantageous resources, making new contributions to the university's "Double First-class" construction and discipline development and accelerating the economic transformation of Shanxi province.

Zheng Qiang stated that, as an outstanding scientist and chief designer of the C919 large aircraft, Academician Wu Guanghui has broken through a number of problems caused by foreign countries’ restrictions on technology exports to China and has taken the road of aircraft design with completely independent intellectual property rights. He has made outstanding contributions on national defense and scientific technology and plays a role as a national backbone and pillar. As the academic leader of the college of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Taiyuan University of Technology, Academician Wu Guanghui has provided continuous assistance to the establishment of the college of Aeronautics and Astronautics and related research teams, which fully reflects Wu’s strong responsibility for talent training, selfless dedication to higher education and pragmatic spirit for scientific research. I expect Academician Wu Guanghui to continue using his own research advantages to help TYUT’s aerospace discipline and lead the related disciplines to a new level on the platform of Taiyuan University of Technology.

Editor: Gao Yu