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Innovate the university-enterprise cooperation model, serve the transformation and development of Shanxi province. TYUT and cooperative enterprises jointly have built 20 institutes

Release time:Aug 18, 2020

On August 18th, the signing and unveiling ceremony for the institutes, founded by TYUT and the cooperative enterprises, was held on Mingxiang campus. The vice governor of Shanxi province Wang Yixin unveiled the nameplate and gave a speech. More than 300 people, including leaders of relevant provincial departments, commissions, representatives of contracted enterprises, members of the leadership of Taiyuan University of Technology, and heads of relevant departments (units) gathered to witness the inauguration of the first batch of institutes for developing industrial technologies. The ceremony was presided over by Zhao Guangguo, Director of the General Office of Shanxi provincial government.

       Wang Yixin extended his congratulations on the establishment of the institutes. He pointed out that the university-enterprise co-construction of institutes is a major exploration of Shanxi province to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s exposition of scientific and technological innovation, open up the channels between universities and enterprises, and build an innovation ecosystem. Both TYUT and the enterprises must be connected to each other as close as flesh and blood, so that the institutes will become a truly vibrant and innovative body. The newly established institutes cannot follow the old path of traditional research. On the contrary, it must follow the thinking of reform and be endowed with powerful and dynamic institutional mechanisms from the beginning. Management departments, enterprises, and universities should emancipate their minds, strengthen policy supply, increase investment in scientific research, comprehensively deepen reforms, and work together to make our province's ecology of innovation grow into a vast forest.

       Zheng Qiang, the Secretary of the CPC (Communist Party of China) Committee of TYUT, said in his speech that the signing and unveiling ceremony symbolizes a new miracle and a new pattern of university-enterprise cooperation. He pointed out that universities must adhere to academic research, focus on moral education, and strive to create a brand-new model of integrated training, with the combination of production, education and research. I hope that more outstanding talents from all over the world will enter the campus in the future, so that young students will have the opportunity to communicate with the most cutting-edge, youngest and most energetic entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists. In the future, TYUT will further increase its efforts to promote the construction of the institutes, guide and support the scientific researchers to concentrate on scientific research and academic writing and make a contribution to the transformation of Shanxi province.

Huang Qingxue, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of Taiyuan University of Technology, signed cooperation agreements with 10 provincial state-owned enterprises, 4 military-industrial enterprises and civil-military enterprises, and 6 private enterprises. TYUT and the enterprises will work together to tackle the most urgent and cutting-edge technical problems in energy development and utilization, coal mining intelligent equipment, new materials, big data and so on.

Both TYUT and the enterprises look forward to the future of the institutes centered on "why choose to cooperate with this company (Taiyuan University of Technology)" and "what do you think of the institute in your mind".

Prior to this, in order to further implement General Secretary Xi Jinpings instruction on “Shanxi’s continuous breakthroughs in new infrastructure, new technologies, new materials, new equipment, new products, and new business formats and striving to find a new path for transformation and development as soon as possible. With the strong support of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shanxi Provincial Government and the Transformation and Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone, Taiyuan University of Technology has taken the initiative to cooperate with Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co.,Ltd., Shanxi Coking Coal Co.,Ltd., Yangquan Coal Industry Co.,Ltd., Shanxi Lu’an Mining  Co.,Ltd., and other provincial state-owned enterprises, as well as some private enterprises, such as Zhongxing Environmental and Energy Tethnology Co.,Ltd. and Pengfei Co.,Ltd..

In the future, the Institutes will follow the overall thinking and requirements of the CPC committee of Shanxi province, focus on cultivating a first-class innovation ecosystem and 14 strategic emerging industrial clusters, further expand the depth and breadth of the integration of industry, universityand research, and continue to improve technical capacity of the enterprises, finally injecting new vitality into the transformation and development of Shanxi province and striving to open an innovative road for university-enterprise cooperation.

Editor: Gao Yu