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TYUT Held 2020 (summer) Work Seminar

Release time:Sep 3, 2020

From September 2nd to 3rd, TYUT held a 2020 (summer) work seminar in the lecture hall on the first floor of the administrative building, Mingxiang campus. The theme of this seminar is: Take Xi Jinping’s Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as guidance, in-depth study and implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important expositions on education and important instructions and speeches during the visit, implement the spirit of the 10th Plenary Session of the 11th Provincial Party Committee, further concentrate efforts and deepen reforms, scientifically plan the "14th Five-Year Plan", fully implement the "Action Plan", and make unremitting efforts to build a comprehensive, research-oriented, high-level first-class university.

During the meeting, Zheng Qiang, the Secretary of the CPC Committee of TYUT, and Huang Qingxue, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of TYUT delivered keynote speeches respectively.

In the report, Zheng Qiang reviewed and summarized TYUT's progress and measures during exploring and constructing a new system of a comprehensive, research-oriented, high-level first-class university, reforming education and teaching, pioneering and improving the school environment, actively serving Shanxi, innovating school-running models, and optimizing the school management. He further explained the basic ideas of the “Nine Fours” in the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan”, namely: “Four Strengths”—strengthen leadership, overall planning, benchmarking, and implementation; “Four Focuses” ——focus on transformation and development, intensional construction, talent training, morality cultivation; "Four Displays"-——display characteristics, image, ability, and confidence; "Four Buildings"——build high-level academics Platform, high-level talent team, high-level scientific research projects, high-level academic achievements; "Four Seekings"——seek new impetus from scientific management, seek new impetus from serving Shanxi, seek new impetus from personnel evaluation, and seek new impetus from cross-disciplines; "Four Benchmarks"——benchmark the requirements of the CPC Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee, benchmark the expectations of Shanxi people, benchmark the requirements of "double first-class" construction, and benchmark the expectations of teachers and students throughout TYUT; "Four Orientations"——problem-oriented, project-oriented, goal-oriented, and education-oriented; "Four Shortcomings"-——ideas, management, academics, and education; "Four Requirements"——being diligent to get rid of backwardness, being diligent to achieve results, being diligent to win dignity, and being diligent to change destiny.

He pointed out that it is necessary to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping’s Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era, the General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important expositions on education and important instructions and speeches when he visited Shanxi province, so as to find a new position, clarify a new starting point, and open new ground in the construction of "double first-class". All teachers and students have to strive to build TYUT into a dignified, respected, comprehensive, research-oriented, and high-level first-class university.

Huang Qingxue put emphasis on eight aspects, including strengthening the constructions of leading groups, enhancing the ability to unite, introducing and educating simultaneously, strengthening the construction of teaching staff, focusing on the “three adjustments and optimizations”, building dominant disciplines, colleges, and majors, preparing the fifth round of discipline evaluation, improving the system of performance rewards and punishments, promoting the reform of the secondary performance distribution system, accelerating to make up for the shortcomings of internationalization, enhancing the level of internationalization of TYUT, deepening the comprehensive reform, and focusing on the issues that must be paid attention to in the self-evaluation of the “double first-class” construction.

In response to the various tasks of the reform, development and stability in the new semester, he asked the whole teaching and administrative stuff to earnestly strengthen the sense of responsibility, pay high attention to the epidemic prevention, and normalize the work of epidemic prevention and control. He emphasized that based on a new starting point, TUYT should use new thinking modes, put forward new measures, achieve new goals, enhance the ability to unite, decisively fight for the implementation of the "13th Five-Year Plan" and the success of the "Double First Class" construction, and finally accelerate the establishment of a comprehensive, research-oriented, high-level first-class university. In the report, he also put forward specific requirements for implementing the spirit of the National Graduate Education Conference, promoting the reform of graduate education, and enhancing the connotation of graduate education.

During the seminar, heads of colleges and some functional departments benchmarked their goals and tasks, insisted on problem-orientation, and proposed the specific measures and actions during the "14th Five-Year Plan" .

On the afternoon of the 3rd, all the participants had a group discussion. Everyone thought deeply, spoke freely, and put forward pertinent opinions and positive suggestions.

In the summing-up meeting, representatives of each group exchanged experiences with others. All teachers and cadres believed that this meeting will be of great significance when the "13th Five-Year Plan" is about to come to a successful conclusion.

After listening to the reports of each group, Zheng Qiang fully affirmed the effectiveness of the seminar and pointed out that the two-day seminar was not only intense, busy, but also substantial and orderly. Each departments and colleges closely followed the theme and conducted in-depth discussions based on the overall situation of TYUT, which fully reflected the strong sense of responsibility of the teaching and administrative stuff.

All leaders, academicians and experts, party committee members, heads of the academic committee and teaching steering committee, middle-level cadres, and heads of scientific research units of TYUT attended the meeting.

Editor: Gao Yu