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TYUT Held a Thematic Meeting on Teaching Arrangement for International Students in the New Semester

Release time:Sep 7, 2020

On the afternoon of September 7, TYUT held a thematic meeting on teaching arrangement for foreign students in the fall semester of 2020-2021 at room 601, Yifu Building, Yingxi Campus. The vice president of TYUT Lu Yongkang, heads of Teaching Affairs Division, Graduate School, other teaching institutions and key scientific research institutions attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the head of the College of International Education Exchange introduced the basic situation of international students in TYUT, stated the work plan for the new term under the background of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, and required all units to overcome difficulties and insist on "suspending classes and ongoing learning". Besides, he introduced the application and approval of the "Chinese Government Scholarship" to study in China, and encouraged all colleges, especially those with the first-class disciplines (groups), to fully condense the characteristics and advantages of the disciplines and actively participate in the next application. He introduced the concept and orientation of "Taiyuan University of Technology Scholarship Evaluation Rules for International Students (Draft for Comment)" where colleges and students’ proficiency in Chinese play an important role in scholarship evaluation, and colleges are encouraged to give full play to their main role in international student management.

The representative of the Teaching Affairs Division pointed out that international education plays a positive role in accelerating curriculum construction and advancing the reform of teaching and assessment. Each college should set up certain personnel and posts to be responsible for the teaching and management of international students, the formulation of academic plans, and the requirements of talent training. " The representative of the Graduate School pointed out that all tutors are prime principals in graduate education, they must enhance their sense of responsibility, fully care and support international students, and ensure their recruitment and cultivation. He required each college to strengthen inspections on teaching process and paper writing. Afterwards, the participants had an in-depth exchange of views on topics such as the quality standards for international students training, the construction of English high-quality courses, and the online teaching of overseas students.

Lu Yongkang pointed out that attracting foreign students from all over the world is of great significance to the strategy of internationalization in TYUT. The leaders of all units must understand its importance from a high level of ideology. The College of International Education Exchange should take the lead in formulating related policies, encourage various colleges and teachers to actively participate, and improve the training quality and management of foreign students in China.

He emphasized that in the future, all units should appropriately tilt to talents with overseas education backgrounds during the introduction of talents, and further promote the internationalization of teachers. As the scale of international students in our university continues to expand, the College of International Education Exchange should further improve various systems, and all colleges should give full play to their initiative and jointly promote international education in TYUT to a new level.

From: the College of International Education Exchange